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The FZTS solution is centered on the belief that age is just a number and anyone can reach outstanding results through our dedicated training solutions for beginners and amateur Age Grouper, no matter their athletic background or fitness level.

Our Total Athlete Service is the cornerstone of our system: we believe that progress is achievable only through observation and total follow-up of our athletes.

We do not skimp on communication nor we do not sell generic training programs. We coach you to become the best version of yourself.


Specific Training solutions for Average Age Groupers

We focus on Average Age Groupers.

Our system is specifically tailored for this specific group of athletes because we want to deliver fast and consistent improvements regardless of your age, fitness level or athletic background : In order to do this in the correct way, we've decided to focus only on this specific group of athletes.

Total Athlete Service.

Communication & Observation are two of the most important keys for the development of Age Grouper skills and fitness level. That's why we do not skimp on these two concepts and we want to be involved in your daily training activities.

FZTS offers a no-limitation policy in terms of communication with your coach: when you need us we'll be there to support you.

No Fluff training programs

No Fluff. Just Hard Work.

There are no secrets in our system. It all comes down to consistency, the hard work that the athlete puts in day after day.

We don't copy the pros’ programs, we don't rely too much on numbers, gadgets or physiological tests, we use techniques from each sport to form the backbone of the fundamentals of your progress in triathlon.

101 Guide from Zero to Full DIstance Triathlon

Through our coaching program, you can rely on us for every aspect of your triathlon journey.

We'll guide you from the first steps to your first race, suggesting to you the most suitable products for your training sessions with consideration of your budget and expectations.

We'll help you to define an adequate nutritional plan, we'll suggest to you the best strategies for your races and we'll evaluate the outcomes together.

We'll be with you from the very first day to the glory of your full-distance races.

More than a team

We don't sell generic programs. We follow you thoroughly on your journey because we proudly consider ourselves coaches, not trainers : that means that we'll be there with you through every session, every race, and every step you take toward achieving your goal.

You are our ''Elite'' athlete, we don’t have clients, just teammates!

Your Personal Trainer 

Our approach is oriented toward personal and customized training solutions since we focus on age groupers.

We truly understand the importance of being flexible and ready to change training plans according to your family and job commitments, that's why our system is different.

You'll not need to find the time to train, we'll work and adjust the training plan accordingly to your needs, the customized training plan will not impact your daily life while guaranteeing you constant and tangible improvement.

Accredited and Certified Coaching specialized in delivering remote assistance and the most comprehensive support

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FZTS The Squad

Join our FZTS Squads in HuaHin & Bangkok or become a member of our VIRTUAL SQUAD ONLINE

Stay updated on our latest activities and training tips & tricks through our social media channels.

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