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Our system at FZTS is based upon the concept that the key for fitness development, not only in triathlon but in any sport, is to follow a SPECIFIC training program based upon an individual's strength and weaknesses, body type, age, time restraints, etc.


That's why we have developed a specific series of programs tailored for middle-aged and senior athletes or beginners.

We don't seek to copy other programs nor to apply standard principles which might not fit with your current fitness level, age or experience in this sport. We are using techniques from each sport to form the backbone of the fundamentals of our training programs and then we adapt, transform and suit the details to the needs of our specific athletes.


It's true. We have been there before – beginners at 40 with no experience in triathlon but with the desire to compete and complete our dream races around the world.

That's why our programs are different.


We have developed our programs by thinking of how to coach people who are now in the same situation in which we lived, with the goal to share our experience and expertise to help you.

We know the difficulties and the struggles that you are facing and we can help you not only to start your triathlon journey but to answer all the specific questions and doubts along the way.

You are not buying a generic program, you are hiring a PERSONAL COACH who we'll be with you and follow through every step of your journey.

ironamn swim start


"One measure does not fit all"

You'll find many solid training programs around, but you'll not easily find a specific system of training programs tailored for average age groupers and middle-aged beginners.

Our programs are tailored for people like YOU. We'll work together to adapt the details of each session upon your needs, work and family commitments.

You'll train smart, not harder and you'll be able to progress faster because we know better than anyone else how to start from zero and achieve goals unthinkable until a few years ago.



Our programs are more ''functional'' than ''theoretical".

We focus on what really matters in terms of fitness improvements and endurance, our goal is to create fast and measurable progress through the repetions of functional movements.



You are not buying a program.

You are hiring a personal coach who will be constantly in contact with you and follow you through your journey, optimizing your time and training.

There will be no limitations in communication with your coach, our goal is to bring you to the podium, we do not compromise in any way.



We pay the utmost attention to our athletes and although our programs aim to increase your overall fitness and adaptations to workload, we do not compromise the safety of our athletes. We strictly follow a protocol of safety precautions and routine check-ins on our athletes with the end goal of becoming 1% better every day.


We help you understand and we suggest what best suits you as an individual.

Your program will be your uniquely tailored program.


Our programs are guided by plain logic and common sense. If you truly believe you can, you will. It just takes time.


We use paddles for swim.

We use smart trainers and hill training for bike.

We run hills.

We'll not ask you to add extra training sessions in the gym.


Never ignore your body. We'll provide you a step-by-step guide through our programs, but we'll be ready to adapt and adjust the workload upon your feedback.


Do it because you want to – not because you have to.

Triathlon is all about an alternative lifestyle that creates excellent benefits and good fellowship with other athletes.


Rome wasn't built in a day.

Neither will your first full-distance race. If you follow our programs, you'll gradually progress toward your goals. There's no magic, just consistency in training.


And we swim often. In swimming, our cardiovascular work can be done with much less risk of injury.

This is the golden ticket to fast progress for Age Groupers.

Swimming is used as a form of recovery, but it's also a strength enhancer.


We believe that for our Age Groupers, speed should be primarily gained through endurance and efficiency. Then once a certain level of expertise is achieved, it's safe and useful to add additional skills for speed to be implemented.


Let me tell you a little bit about my story.

At 39 years old, I found myself in a hospital bed after a jiu-jitsu fight with a badly injured knee. During my recovery, I decided to learn triathlon with the specific goal of participating in a full-distance Ironman race.

The catch?

I had zero experience in swimming, cycling, or running. I didn't even own a road bike. But I was determined to make it happen.

I started training alongside super-fit people with athletic backgrounds and "gifted" youngsters. It wasn't easy, but I learned from the best how to transform myself from a mediocre age grouper into a fierce competitor and become the best version of myself.


My coaching education is based on the Trisutto methodology, created by Brett Sutton, the most successful triathlon coach in history.

What makes Sutton's method so successful? Well, it's based on decades of experience working with athletes of all levels, from beginners to Olympic champions. His philosophy is centered around the idea of developing the athlete as a whole person, not just as a body to be pushed to its limits. He places a strong emphasis on technique and efficiency, rather than just brute force and endless hours of training. And his results speak for themselves - his athletes have won multiple Olympic medals, world championships, and Ironman titles.

Thanks to Sutton's method, I not only became an Ironman, but I also qualified for the Half Ironman World Championships twice in a row. And now, I want to use what I've learned to help others who, like me, may feel like they're starting from zero.

That's why I created this training squad for mature/senior beginners and average age groupers, using my background in martial arts to create a ''dojo'' mentality where we train, race, and win together as a team helping & inspiring each other.

Your fitness level, age, and knowledge of swimming, biking and running do not matter. My training "system" is designed and perfected every day specifically for you because I know better than anyone else what it means to start from zero in a body that is no longer as athletic as it was 20 or 10 years ago.

If you want to improve and see yourself in my story, you are the perfect person I am looking for on our team. Contact me and join us. Together, we can go from zero to something.

Coach Andrea

2019 : zero experience in swim bike and run

------ From 2020 :

2x IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship qualifier

4x IRONMAN 70.3 finisher

2x IRONMAN finisher

1x CHALLENGE ROTH finisher

2nd Overall IRONMAN 70.3 LOMBOK 2022

1st AG Core Triathlon Olympic Sattahip 2022

1st AG & 3rd Overall Pattana Triple Triathlon 2022

3rd AG 70.3 Army Triathlon Ranong 2021

To be continued...

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