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Find the one that works for you


    For Sprint distance races
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • LEVEL : Beginners & Advanced
    • DURATION : 8 weeks
    • HOURS : 8 to 12 hours/week

    For Olympic distance races
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • LEVEL : Beginners with experience in Triathlon & Advanced
    • DURATION : 12 weeks
    • HOURS : 10 to 16 hours/week
  • Best Value


    Every month
    One-to-one personal coaching from any level to any target
     14 day free trial
    • LEVEL: Any Level
    • HOURS: Completely customized
    • DURATION: your choice
  • 70.3 - HALF DISTANCE

    Half distance plans for beginners or worlds slot chasers!
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • LEVEL : all levels with experiences in Olympic distances
    • DURATION : 16 weeks
    • HOURS : 10 to 16 hours/weeks

    Our complete guide to the Full Iron distance race!
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • LEVEL : All levels with experinece in 70.3 distance
    • DURATION : 16 weeks
    • HOURS : 12 to 18 hours/week
  • Online Consultation

    1to1 online meeting with Coach
    Valid for 7 days
    • Get assistance & extra info on your training plan
    • Discuss any specific detail of your training or race's goals
    • Nutrional or Equipment assessment / selection
    • Discuss about any triathlon related topic!

What's included in every plan


Evaluation interview with our Head Coach to better understand your goals, you needs and customize the training plan accordingly.


A free evaluation of your current training gear and suggestions on how to eventually upgrade or optimize your gear to best fit to your training plan.


Training plan in pdf format, two reviews included.


A series of guidelines, tips and tricks to better plan your next race and set up an optimal race strategy.


Weekly check-in email from head coach in order to evaluate your training evolution and assist you on any topics. 


An analysis of your race in order to understand the good aspects and the bad points and help you to evaluate and prepare for your next races

What's included in Personal Coaching Plan


Evaluation interview with our Head Coach to better understand your goals, your needs and customize the training plan and phases for the rest of your season leading to your "A" races.


Training plan directly uploaded to TRAINING PEAKS with unlimited revisions.


A direct line by e-mail and chat with our Head Coach in order to receive your feedback and assist you in real time.


A comprehensive evaluation of your current training gear and suggestions on how to eventually upgrade or optimize it according to your training plan. Nutritional guidelines for your training plan and race day nutritional strategy.


Additional meeting to better tune-up race strategies and roadmap of races as preparation for your "A" races.


An in-depth analysis of your race in order to understand how to better tune up for your next races, arrange your race calendar and review the next training blocks.

Difficulty in choosing the right plan?

No worries, click below to receive our survey and we will contact you in order to help you choose the right plan suitable with your needs. 

  • I'm a complete beginner , can you help?
    Yes, our coaching fundamentals are centered on the idea of helping people with no or little experience in triathlon, no matter your age or your fitness level.
  • I don't know which plan to choose.
    Just contact us and we'll set up a meeting to better evaluate how to help you choose the right plan.
  • I work different shifts and I don't have a standard working week.
    Our training plans are flexible and adaptable to any work commitment. We'll create a solution tailored upon your needs.
  • Which equipment will I need to start?
    We'll guide you step by step to the most suitable equipment to start your training.
  • What if i get sick or injured?
    If you get sick or injured, we'll adjust your training to take account of this. We will help you to figure out why you got injured and develop a strategy for managing it alongside your health professionals. If your illness or injury is long term then you can suspend your coaching package with a month’s notice.
  • How often will you monitor my progress?
    Thanks to Training Peaks and tracking devices, we are able to check all of your sessions to monitor progress and guide you along your training block.
  • How often will I be able to contact you?
    With our Personal Coaching solution, you'll have a direct and unlimited line to discuss with your coach whenever you desire. With standard plans, there's the possibility to arrange a series of one-on-one calls and online meetings in order to further discuss anything related to your training plan or general triathlon enquiries. The cost is 15 USD per hour.
  • I need total assistance, not only in the swim, bike, run disciplines but also in nutrition and equipment selection. Can you help?
    Our Personal Coaching solution will provide you with total assistance on every triathlon-related topic.
  • I'm not interested in racing, I just want to get back in shape. Can you help?
    Yes, contact us for more details and we'll evaluate together the best training solution according to your specific needs.
  • Once I pay to join the squad, how long does it take to receive my training plan?
    Within 24 hours of payment, you'll be contacted by our Head Coach who will send you the evaluation survey in order to better understand your goals and needs : as soon as you return the survey, our Head Coach will start to create your training plan. You'll normally receive the first draft of the training plan within three to four days after we receive the completed survey.
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